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Looting Rules for Raiding    
1. Everyone is to be SILENT while looting is going on.  If you talk during this time you will be warned, then further action as deemed necessary will be taken. Only the raid leaders and the loot master should be talking.  

2. Only roll on items you need as they are announced for MS then OS.  

3. You must be ON TIME. If you're going to be late and it's out of your control, that's understandable and forgiveable. But if you have signed up and agreed to be a dedicated raid member, and show up late, you will be replaced. If it becomes consistent, your spot will be revoked and given to someone else.

4. Loot rolls are MS/OS. Only one piece of loot per boss unless no one else needs any of it. One tier token per person until everyone has gotten one. Essence of Destruction is taken by the Master Looter and used for Raiders BiS craftables.

5. If you think loot has been unfairly distributed take it up with a raid leader immediately.

6. During boss fights, NO ONE should be speaking except the tanks, healers and raid leaders. Vent gets too noisy and distracting and has been known to cause wipes due to failed communication when others are talking.


Welcome to Dark Citadel    
Basic Rules:
~No swearing or vulgar/inappropriate language in Gchat or Vent. We have kids in our guild, and like to set a good example.
~No spamming Gchat, or trade chat. DC has a good rep and we'd like to keep it as such.
~Do not disrespect officers or other guildies. We're all very laid back, but we have a zero tolerance policy against bashing and bullying.
~Please feel free to contact any officer or either GM if you have any questions about anything. :D

Guild Ranks and Promotions

Dark Queen-Guild Master 
Executioner-CO Guild Master 
Dark Knight-Officer
To be an officer you must be nominated by another officer and a majority vote passed among the other officers.  Guildie must be revered with the guild, level 85, and must have guild activity in at least the top 20 of all guild members. 
Dark Noble-Must have been in the guild for 3 months and have guild activity.  Guildie must be revered and at least level 75.
Dark Champion- Must have have been in the guild for 2 months and have guild activity.  Guildie must be friendly and at least level 40. 
Dark Soldier-Must have been in the guild for 2 weeks and have guild activity.  Guildie must be level 25
Dark Recruit-New members
Guild News    
Sorry to leave you all for now, but due to some difficulties, I have to take a break for a while... Ill be checking in from time to time though! And goodluck with MoP.. get the mechanics down so when I come back we can kill all the retarded pandas... lol
- Fung
Random Video    
Fenris (PvE)
<bgsound src="http://g.178.com/player/ArthasMySon.mp3" loop="-1"></bgsound>
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